Tumblr: A place where you can be yourself !

By Beatriz Hernandez 10B

There is a website on the internet that is like a really scary forest in a fantasy book, which makes everyone cringe in unison because of the content that you may encounter, that magical place is Tumblr. Artists thrive, you can show your art, you can tell your darkest secrets, but not normal stuff like how your friends made you feel on that last trip, only things that you can regret or remain for the rest of your life.

People can name the Tumblr community whatever they want, but something we all know is that they can’t go away, no matter what. Is it good? Is it bad? Or just sad? No one knows, but the group of people that have been on Tumblr for more than five years constantly remind us that they don’t plan to get away soon.

And why do I say this? What is it about this platform that makes everyone wonder why they’re still there? Well, they have gone through several trials.

Imagine a normal social media like Instagram, then turn the makeup videos into a text post that makes you question your existence, the relatable memes to weird history lessons in the form of a silly gif and the images about your friends to a secret insane person would like to know. That’s Tumblr, an inclusive, beautiful but “horrible” place however, all of this weirdness doesn’t come for free. Several menacing groups have made Tumblr accounts to spread hate, negative messages about abuse, sexism, homophobia, and racism, by promoting harmful ideologies such as Nazism and spread sexual bots everywhere. Because of that, the administrator of the platform made a really difficult decision that would take away a lot of the site’s identity, they removed all the content uploaded by adults. People were furious, so that 1/3 of its user database left because their voices had been taken away. This ban not only removed all content  that growns publish , it was eliminating harmless drawings, poems and even they’re own publication that they used to inform the community about the changes they would be doing. Later on, the site was sold to WordPress around 3 million dollars, whose initial value was over 1.1 billion dollars, it was a total disaster!