Each country has its own historical gap which has defined the future path. This article will show an approach to some facts of Independence Day celebration in Colombia and USA and how people reflect their collective thoughts.

July 20th, Colombia indepenence Day celebration

Colombian Independence Day is celebrated annually on the 20thJuly.  The event marks the day that, in 1810, people under the Spanish regime stirred into protesting on the streets against Spanish rule.

Local celebrations of this big unforgettable day are characterized by  parades,  which all the military forces display the beauty of their figures and uniforms to make people proud and remind their presence  in Colombia history.

That event makes people create their own Colombian identity as time passed. Later on, great appeals of the holiday is its global reach. Owing to the large amount of emigration, many parties take place in cities throughout the world. This normally includes London, San Francisco, Melbourne and New York City. Thousands of Colombians and Latinos take to the street to enjoy the revelry and the spirit of Colombia captures the whole city. Colombian people are recognized worldwide to be the happiest ones due to our joy, spontaneity, and good humor sense. It is know that Colombians carry a special label wherever we go.

July 4th, USA Independence Day celebration

With 243 years of tradition behind it, the Fourth of July is one of America’s most cherished holidays. It’s when Americans celebrate   with a day off, a backyard barbecue, and plenty of fireworks. But with all that history, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know quite everything about July 4. So from the true story behind the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The way that Americans celebrate this unforgettable day is completely different due to this national holly week has been perceived as a more familiar and colorful event. Parade floats, massive eating hot dogs up take place in many states here you are some samples. The Fourth of July parade in Aptos, California, is just a hair over half a mile long. Taking up two city blocks, and measuring just .6 miles, this brief bit of patriotism features antique cars, decorated trucks, and plenty of walkers. Afterward, there’s a Party in the Park, where folks can enjoy live music, food, and games.

Around 150 million, is the amount of hot dogs that will be consumed by Americans on the Fourth of July. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, that amount of dogs can stretch from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles more than five times.