Vacations are coming and most of kids and teenagers are looking forward to spend those days doing different things they are used to doing at school. Young people take advantage of their time visiting other places, practicing any sport or just staying at home; this doesn’t mean that being at home must be boring. There are many indoor activities you can do, such as reading a book, listening to music or playing video games, these last are the alternative to have a good time alone or with family and friend. 

During the last times, the digital era has gained a lot of importance in people’s life, then  human being  has been looking for having  virtual experiences, through  diverse  devices as consoles and simulators by the contrary many  people consider  that  this is not good for health  specially parents think their children are wasting time but  they probably ignore  is referred to the advantages of these kind of  activities  may bring particularly in learning a foreign language  as English.

Grown-ups think that playing videogames could be harmful and they are true, if this is not controlled, kids and teenagers will have mental and physical complaints. People spend their time doing other things however, adults ignore the different brain processes that playing video games carry out likewise eye- hand coordination, team work, fast decision making, and following instructions.

According to a research done by Helsinki University, finn  high school students who play frequently more videogames  have a better  english level in comparison to those students  who have never played them.

This research concludes that playing video games will help to improve your bases in vocabulary and grammar in a spontaneous way but how this may happen? This process occurs through repetition of commands, listening and doing the instructions given or performing a difficult level, then students would feel more relaxed than developing controlled activities in a traditional classroom.

So let’s take the chance to have a good time and take up a video game¡

Everything‘s related to taste

Exists a variety of videogames so choose the category you like the most or catch your attention.

Here you are some examples: