During the last decade, technology consumption has increased exponentially, its use in daily life has been changing human interactions. Now, it is inconceivable to think our lives without devices such as smartphones and tables. Those devices have done things easier, communication and entertainment are within everyone’s grasp, and in fact people invest in purchasing and updating their “old” devices when a new one is upcoming with an improved version. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei among others are always looking for perfection in their products by making people feel the necessity of acquiring a new “tech stuff” then, disposal of “old-fashioned” cellphones has turn into an environmental problem.

The creation of cellphones in massive production implies lots of materials and processes on their elaboration. These materials are plastic, glass, and some metals such as copper, aluminum, nickel and others, those ones used  only for the external cases, what about the internal resources? Have you wondered the “magic” of the colorful and bright screens? Cellphones are a compound of several chemical substances likewise lithium, lead, cobalt etc… many of these elements are highly contaminating.

By having this information in mind, the process of rotting takes lots of years, day by day thousands of technological devices are discarded without any treatment. According to an article found in “The New York Times” which mentions that companies must implement other type of materials even reusing the existing ones in order to avoid a huge future impact. “The recycling of electronic devices — and the reuse of the constituent metals — is notoriously difficult, partly because of the design of the technology contained in consumer devices. But recycling experts say that less energy is needed to recycle and reuse metals from consumer electronics than to mine for new metals (not to mention the human toll such mining has taken).

This is a call of attention to everyone, let’s help the planet! look for information at the moment to discard any machine not only cellphones or tablets, exist many politics that may help to the environment in every country. For more information about it go to this page https://www.elespectador.com/tecnologia/que-hacer-con-los-desechos-electricos-y-electronicos-en-colombia-articulo-716587 there you can find how is the right way of throwing that “old” or “useless” cellphone you have.