YUO DO UNDERSTEND THIS..? (El título es intencional)

(If you can read this title, it´s because you see the importance of grammar and good spelling in different texts)

In our daily life, citizens are surrounded by many visual information. Mass media have a relevant role in humanity with the objective of being in tendency about different topics such as fashion, technology, food, tourism etc.  People get involved in many fields thanks to many information found in leaflets or advertisements as way as share ideas or selling big brand products by turning these products or services into a necessity. No matter the intention but the aim always will be the same “TO CATCH THE ATTENTION AND MAKE CUSTOMERS”.

However, it is very important to have clear and innovative ideas but mainly the use of language to express those ones, because of that, grammar and spelling make the message clearer to the public. By the contrary, a lot of mistakes have been found in advertisements around the world, these mistakes might be caused by human typing error or just because English is not their native language regardless, those mistakes give the appearance of unprofessional and non-reliable places.

For having a better idea about what it is mentioned, let’s see some samples.

  1. This anouncement is from a university (renuncie porfavor exámenes en progreso).

2. This mistake was found in a magazine (Rachel Ray encuentra inspiracion en cocinar a su familia y a su perro)

3. This advertisement is found in a hotel in Japan (bienvenidos turist hablamos inglés)

4. This advertisement was found in a park in Japan  (No basura los violadores estarán bien)

5. This advertisement was found in a store (Atención: baño unicamente para niños mayores discapacitados y embarazados)