What a Little mind hides

It is dark already, I wanted to take a nap in the afternoon but I did not mean to wake up this late, maybe I was just really tired. School is really exhausting, I am just learning how to sum but it has been difficult to understand, it is always giving me headaches, like the one I have right now, for instance, but this time is not because of numbers, perhaps is the pillow…or the lack of one, or the lack of a mattress, wow, maybe I fell off the bed and I have been sleeping on the floor, it usually happens, I have not got used to sleeping in a single bed since I was used to sleep with my mother.

Now things have changed and she says I am old enough to sleep on my own, plus she got a new boyfriend and I am no longer welcome at their bedroom because he gets on edge any time I walk while sleeping and he had called me a freak and weirdo once or twice just because he found me at the middle of the night asleep at the kitchen or at the yard. He also blames me of stealing his stuff such as his toothbrush, truth is, I do not remember anything I have done when I wake up, and by this I am not claiming I did not took his toothbrush but saying I did not mean to.

As it may be, I went for a walk and forgot where my bed was or rolled past the edge of my bed and fell, I cannot possibly be sure. In fact, I actually can, this is not my bedroom, is my mother’s. I can recognize it is hers because of the smell, lavender and roses. She has been using it since I was born, she thought I was going to be a girl, she got all excited and painted my room in a pale shade of pink and bought me a perfume made of lavender and roses, unfortunately I was a boy, I had to stick with the pink walls until last year anyway, and she kept the fragrance.

I can also tell this is her room for the shoes around me, most of them hills, as the one I am holding onto, the difference is that the others are not covered with…juice, perhaps? Is sticky and a little too dark, maybe blackberry flavor. Walking while sleeping may conceivably make you thirsty since sometimes I wake up all covered in juice and I thought it was blood.

Nights in town are calm and quiet according to mom, but tonight is not one of them, I can feel it, some blue and red lights such as rocket’s lights or space ships are getting wider as if them were getting close. Not that I am saying aliens came to visit, exactly, though it could have been.

Maybe I should get back to my room or else mom’s boyfriend will get angry. But as I stand up I realize it was not actually me who drunk the juice, he has it all over the mouth and body, mom will get really angry, she does not really like stains, she loses it whenever someone eat over the bed and let something fall. Is in fact a bad move if you want her easy-going.

While heading to my room I run into my mom, with another  big guys, all uniformed, perhaps they already saw the aliens!, they take me by the arms and put some bracelets over my wrists, as they might be dangerous. I get all enthusiastic and follow them running to the front yard.

After I got in their car I remember I left my camera, and when I try to get out, the doors are locked, I try call their attention but they are outside talking to my mom who is crying, she might have got scared by the aliens, I need to get out and hug her, but anyway I cannot open the car door. Right now I would like to hear and talk, since anyone but my mother can understand me, and they do not even notice I need something.

When they finally get in the car, I try to make myself clear but both of my hands are strained and that way is almost impossible to talk. Anyway, the camera is not worth it, I give up and let them take me to the aliens. Although I would like to say goodbye to my mom and tell her that I will see her soon, I have to leave her heartbroken on the sidewalk.

Gabriela Saavedra 11A