The Lost Crime

It could be thought that the town was mourning. Such atrocious event proclaimed time to cope with, nevertheless, there could not be mourning when gossip, intrigue and humor were the main reasons for the vacant celebration that first day of May. While the citizens kept themselves at home, trying to erase the image of the gutted woman from their head but, at the same time, trying to figure out who could have done it; a written encounter was happening.

Dear Detective Carswell

It is beyond my mental capacity to believe this was anything but a car accident. Mrs. Moore’s legs and arms, both twisted and hanging, make clear proof of it. Even more so, her smashed skull and ribcage, her rotting insides and the car wheel marks on her body are an obvious explanation of this terrific accident. Mrs. Moore, like any woman in this forsaken town, was coming back from her lover’s place and misjudged the transit.

Yet, and here comes the reason for my hard-set letter, people think it was not the car only. Would you, our acclaimed detective, mind to elaborate? I am aware you have seen the crime scene, as well as I am conscious you have an answer already.

Truly yours. Timothy Rice. Town’s Chancellor.

Dear Timothy

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Informed by your thoughts I am in the tough duty of slander them. Mrs. Moore was indeed coiled by a car, if I am not mistaken, by Mr. Benhov’s car. But it was not this incident the one that ended Maria’s life. Looking closer, I noticed a few swelling bruises on her neck and back, besides a couple of thin-fine razor cuts on her collarbone. Anyone could have missed this details, for they were just that, details. But the blood, there was so little of it. Sure, anybody could realize what a curious detail this was. I did my research, my assumptions, and here is what I found. María Moore was, sadly, not as devoted to her husband, as we thought. She had been having an affair with Dr. Stilton. Usually they would be highly cunning, but one day Mrs. Stilton caught them in the act and they never got together again. María feeling consumed with dread and guilt chose to apologize to the housewife, for they had had a good friendship. But rage filled the latter when she saw María, and proceed to injure various parts of her body. Stilton’s purpose was to rid the world of María, but her fist did not seemed to help much. Then, I presume, Mr. Stilton got home and, even though he was scandalized, he understood the consequences his wife would have to face if María was left beaten up and half unconscious. Having a degree, it only took but a few cuts on her collarbones to drain her off. They left her in the street as a façade (car crash) and went home. It might have not be what you were expecting, but it is what it is.

Yours truly. Eric Carswell

Dear detective Carswell

Shock is not the word I am looking for. I will soon grant the arrest order; I am grateful for your insight, as ever, you wise, brilliant man; you have left me speechless.

Sincerely yours. Timothy Rice. Town’s Chancellor

It had been a good job indeed, but for what is worth, it had been too late. Mr. More had been found dead, hanging from a rope after having stabbed and uncountable number of times the innocent car driver.

Sofia Gutierrez 11A