Olivia was not a typical woman, she had lived in a little town called Red River since she was born, and everyone in the neighborhood knew her. She read a lot so she was really smart and knew how to get people to like her; the only problem was that she hated most of the people she knew even though everyone liked her.

One of her biggest aspirations was to become the first woman president of the United States so she could change the way most people were and make America great again, but that was a big challenge for her. She studied for many years and worked really hard so she could accomplish her goal, she even got to the elections one year but soon realized that her nation was not ready to have a female president at the time, so she decided that if she could not be president she had to be mayor at Red River and start to change people that she knew before changing the world. Then she started to think that the campaign was not going to be hard, she had to convince all the people she hated in order to win but all these people liked her so it had to be a piece of cake. She started to analyze where she lived and started to worry about the problems that the town had, she saw the opportunity to convince even more people by telling them that she was going to fix all their problems.

Red River had various problems but the biggest one was a big hole in the side walk of the main street where there was always people walking, it was about one meter deep and had a perimeter of one meter, no one had fallen in the hole but many dog owners had to get in the hole in order to get their dogs out of there, so she made the promise to all dog owners that she was going to cover that hole, almost every family in the town had dogs so she gathered many more votes.

The Election Day came, it was a sunny day, and all people were excited and went to vote. At the end of the day, when every citizen had voted and almost everyone was watching the late night TV show in their houses, Olivia was really tired, she had been all day smiling at all the people she saw, for the past two months of campaign, she had to interact with people she hated, and it was exhausting, but she was happy that all that hard work might had paid off if she won.

When she was about to leave the election building a storm suddenly appeared and she thought it was odd because it never rained that much in Red River, she took her umbrella and walked home. When she was walking down the main street she saw at the end of the path a homeless man lying on the floor while the rain hit his face and she crossed the street to the other sidewalk because she was scared of the homeless man and hated him more than anybody else. There were more people on that sidewalk and she felt safer, but the big hole was there too. Her hate and fear of that man made her forgot the big hole was there, the rain just made it look like a big puddle.

She was walking slowly towards the hole without knowing it was there, and she fell in it. Nobody stopped to help her even though they were walking by. Olivia felt horrible, she hated everyone, she did not want to be the mayor anymore and before she could cry, someone reached her and helped her to get out of the hole. She somehow regained hope and she was really surprised to see that the one who helped her was the homeless man that she hated. The other day Olivia received the news, she had won. Since that day she started to like people by who they were, she covered the hole, and she helped all homeless men that were in the streets so they did not have to be in the rain, in the cold or any situation. Olivia learned that she did not have to change everyone but she had to change herself.

Samuel Gonzalez 11A