Why not renewing the Speaking time in the classroom?

Throughout the years, the Speaking time activities in English classes have been a very noteworhty aspect within the classroom here in Summerhill School. Having this in mind, we as teachers need to reinvent ourselves in every class there is by promoting new tools among students to execute the Speaking time taking into account the usage of some very innovative apps that will certainly help us to promote genuine speaking in our students instead of asking them to “prepare something” which in students jargon means; to memorize.

Nowadays, it is true that cellphones tend to be restricted in classes because of the amount of distractions they may have in youngsters. However, it’s our duty as teachers to motivate them to limit cellphones use to just the academic part inside the classroom by showing them the benefits and how fun it is to use some of the apps described below.


Resultado de imagen para STORY DICE
Image taken from: https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/app/story-dice-story-telling/

This app consists on allowing the students to roll some dice having in mind a specific topic of their choosing and by the time they see the dice pictures they can create a story the way they want.


Resultado de imagen para Writer's kit (story idea app)
Image taken from: https://apkpure.com/writers-kit-story-idea-app/com.pixelpatissier.wrtk

By using this app, The students need to choose a topic in the first place, then they can do some brainstorming in order to start thinking what their story will be about. This is an orderly way to lay out ideas before telling the story.


Resultado de imagen para SpeakEZ APP
Image taken from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_sebastiansiles.SpeakEZ&hl=en_US

In this last app, students will face their pronunciation against the proper one by saying some sentences regarding different situations. These situations might help teachers and students to set a speaking conversation with good pronunciation based on any daily life event.

Teaching is changing worldwide and teachers have to adapt themselves to these changes by fostering and adopting technology as a significant tool inside the classroom. This will encourage learners to get their english skills at their prime since these apps help our Speaking time activities to be fun and enjoyable for our Summerhill school kids.

Post Author: Miguel Prada Rincón