English learning has become in the official language of the world that is the reason why it should be present in the closest context of children. So, here you: mother, father, relative, daughters or sons could practice at home with some expression that all the time we use and could make English learning unforgettable. 

Taken by https://media.npr.org/assets/img/2014/12/05/family-drawing-examples-together_wide-8fa9f2cc0ca9deab62ead4d72595c60c5446eb7d.jpg?s=1400

To start, every day we deal with the quotidian activities at home and, morning is the perfect moment for practicing some English words. Here there is an expression to wake our children up kindly: “It’s time to rise and shine sweetheart”.

Besides, when it’s time to hurry family up because they could be late at school or at work you could use some expressions that could notice the rush: 

Please dear make the bed

-Sweetheart you have to be ready for school in … minutes.

On the other hand, there are some cases in which children do not have the best experience or results in their subjects, that is the reason why family could give encouragement and motivate them to not give up with the expression: hang in there

For instance, my sweet heart I know you don’t have a good day but hang in there! I know you will have more opportunities to show your abilities.

To continue, sometimes parents have to make important decisions, especially if our children are involved of them. Because of that, there is a perfect way to say “ I will take some time for thinking my decision” with the expression sleep on it. 

For example, I’m not sure if you should go exchange to Canada this year, I need to sleep on it;With these words, be sure you will make the best decision for your family.

Finally, it is really important to show how proud and happy we are of our children and to make them feel confident, so you can use motivational expressions like good job or this is my girl (boy). Thus with these communicative ideas, family could be involved in the process of learning of the language in order to make English an amazing experience. 


Post Author: Lorena Forero Hincapie